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The Urology Department of the Colmar Civilian Hospitals consists of a team of 10 people of which 5 specialized surgeons. Our team is accredited by the High Authority of Health.

Our service takes care of men and women urologic disorders.

We intervene to treat diseases related to the prostate (cancer, adenoma), the bladder (incontinence, infection, tumor), testicles (cancer, torsion) and kidneys (cancer, calculi).

Thanks to high technology tools, our urology service performs classical as well as robotic, endoscopic and ureteroscopic surgeries to treat these diseases.

Our scope of intervention

Our surgeons take care of the great majority of common urologic disorders. Those disorders are related to the four following groups :


Cancer - Adenoma


Incontinence - Infection - Tumor


Cancer - Torsion


Cancer - Calculi

Robotic surgery in a nuthshell

Our centre is eqquiped with the Da Vinci surgical robot of the very last generation (4th). Already operational in more than 50 countries, it enabled to carry out millions of operations all over the world.

We use it to treat disorders related to the prostate or kidneys during surgery operations. The robot assists the surgeon gestures and enables to operate very small incisions with a great accuracy. 

Here are the main advantages of robotic surgery :

Faster return to a normal life

The surgery can be performed during the same day

Safer surgery

Smaller scars - Limited blood losses during the surgery

Limited risk exposure

Limited risk of post-operative complications

"It enables to perform very complex surgeries with less post-operative complications "

L’usine nouvelle (February 2018)

"A robot that revolutionizes surgery"

La Tribune (July 2018)

"He replaces the eyes and the hands of the surgeon. Let's focus on this extraordinary surgery robot..."

Le Point (December 2017)

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